Directions to Paradise
By Kathryn Jones
19th December, 2005

First head North along the Shahada Highway
Then take the exit to Salat
You will reach a T junction,
Left takes you to Shaytan’s way.
Turn right is better and head along Allah’s Path.
Make plenty of Dua through out the journey.
And spend in Charity at all the toll gates.
If it is Ramadan, pass the restaurants.
Don’t stop at Rabble Mall and save yourself from the evils of the tongue.
If you see a sign pointing to Hajj, make sure you take that road.
And at the grave yard, ponder death.
And in the heat of the day remember the punishments of the Hellfire.
And stop and smell the roses and reflect the delights of Paradise.
Then with Sincerity and Faith,
Insha Allah you will see the way from there.